Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Up In The Air

Me, our husky, Svedka, my fiancee, Andrew, and our Lab/German Shepherd mix, Jameson

Ever since my fiance, Andrew and I got engaged in December of 2009 (yes, we have been engaged that long...), ALOT has been "Up In The Air": my job, his job, where we will live, what kind of life we'll be able to live and the list goes on....

A year ago today I was living in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Andrew was on the practice squad for the Miami dolphins, and I was 4 months in at my new job as a logistics coordinator for an international importing company. We were renting a small house with a yard close to down town. We didn't know many people. We spend a lot of time just the two of us and our dogs.

Now, we are back in Michigan, both living at my parents house...with our 2 dogs. I know, sounds horrible right? Actually, I LOVE it. I think that most young people feel an "itch" to get out of dodge and try something new. Me? I had that itch for a long time. Before Florida I spent time living in Arizona and Washington, D.C. Turns out, for me anyway, nothing is greater than being within a few miles distance of your family and your closest friends.

Andrew is done with football. He has lost 50 pounds and feels great. He just started a new job yesterday. The international importing company allowed me to stay on and work "virtually" from home. That means A LOT more time to take care of the "FIANSE" and the pups. Plus, office life is NOT for me (BLAH...)

Although last year we had quite a bit more money, we were lonely and didn't know if our livelihood would be there for us from one day to the next. Now, we are surrounded by family and friends, and our summer has been PACKED with fun "shenanigans". There is still A LOT "Up In The Air." But I think I like it that way. And there is no place like home :)


  1. agreed! i totally feel like a home isn't where you have your stuff, it's where your heart is, most often with family and friends. even when things are up in the air and there's a lot left to be decided, it's when we are with the ones that offer the most support that make us the happiest!

  2. You picked up my point exactly. I don't mind things being up in the air when I have a comfortable surrounding :) Thanks for your comment!