Thursday, July 21, 2011

Engagement Party

Although I have been engaged for a year and a half, Andrew and I were living on the opposite pole of the country for the first year of our engagement. Now that we are back in "the Mitten" (Michigan), my parents decided to throw us an engagement party. Of course, they had to couple it with a celebration of their 28th wedding anniversary. The picture that was included in the invite is #3 above: their wedding photo and a photo from our engagement photo session.

The party was great. Old friends, old family, new friends, new family, tons of food and of course...quite a bit of drinking. I thought i'd share a few pictures and details:

Picture #1. Sangria! I found a yummy recipe by Emeril Lagasse and it turned out great. My instructions/adaptations can be found here 

Picture #2. Myself with one of my besties and also bridesmaid, Courtney.

Picture #3. The aforementioned invitation picture.

Picture #4. A "party ball." My mom is in love with "Art deco" things from the '30s and '40s. She filled her party ball with vodka and redbull (she's not playin' around....), and was offering/forcing people to take pumps/shots all evening. Mom knows best.

Picture #5. Cake Pops! I got the recipe from my favorite blog "Little Miss Momma" here

Picture #6. Myself and the man of my dreams

Picture #7. Snipped some flowers off a bush in my parents back yard to make some pretty and simple centerpieces. Anyone know what type of flower/bush this is?


  1. Congrats on the engagement doll! I live in St. Joseph, MI during the school year and in Milwaukee for the rest... it's always great to find other Midwestern bloggers ;)


  2. Thanks Mariel! St. Joseph is beautiful! That is where my fiance is from! Thanks for stopping by!