Thursday, July 28, 2011

School Picture Day Feelings

Remember when you were younger and your school pictures arrived...about 6 weeks after "school picture" day? Your teacher would hold the pictures hostage up at her desk ALL...DAY...LONG. It felt like a hole was burning through your stomach and it wouldn't stop until you saw those pictures!!!

Maybe that didn't happen to you...but that is how I feel when I am waiting anxiously to see any professional work that includes a picture of myself. That same feeling came rushing back to me yesterday when my large, white "Wedding Paper Divas" envelope arrived in the mail with my Save The Date proofs and invitation samples.

When my wedding coordinator socked me in the gut by telling me that the average cost of wedding stationary is DOUBLE what I intended to pay...she immediately referred me to Wedding Paper Divas. And now I am a happy girl. Our Save The Dates (pictured above) are only $1.09 a piece! Also, since they are post cards, we will save MAJAH on postage. And I think they turned out great. I was surprised that my FIANSE liked this picture of himself...but he whatev! (I'm trying to loosen up my bridezilla control issues....)

I was so excited about reviewing my Save The Date proofs (STDs of the non-chlamydia kind, as my BFF would say), that I made myself a vodka lemonade in celebration! YUUUMMM.

Above are the invite samples that I ordered. I. LOVE. THEM. Vintage, traditional, simple...all my favorite things! I hope they will be able to make the text a little bit bigger & darker. But other than that, they are perf! The actual invite is only $2 a piece! The response card and reception cards are extra, but VERY reasonable. 

Has anyone else used Wedding Paper Divas? What do you think about my stationary picks!? :)- Briana

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  1. I like your STDs. My hubby and I were going to send out STDs, and we wanted to do magnets, but we were only engaged for about 5 months. Plus, we didn't take our engagement pictures until May (a month before the wedding). I got mine from David's Bridal, becase I wanted them to match my wedding colors. I did look at Wedding Papers Diva first.